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October 24 2013

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October 14 2013

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The Spirit of Winter
by Mikko Lagerstedt

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imagine trying to get up these stairs drunk.. lolol

imagine trying to get up these stairs sober

imagine trying

imaging falling down those stairs

but once you mastered them, and some murderer broke in -you could escape upstairs.  And while they try to figure out how the hell they work, you can slip out the window and escape to freedom. Just sayin.

this isn’t the fucking sims, if you think you can escape because you think a murderer cant climb a fucking set of stairs because they’re a little wonky then i have bad news for you friend 

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October 11 2013

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Kawałek metalu roztopiony przez pole silnego elektromagnesu
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October 07 2013

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October 06 2013

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October 05 2013

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Creations from Boston Dynamics, Wildcat and Atlas

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October 03 2013

Austrian Programmers Build Free Bridge to Internet

A group of computer programmers and hackers in Austria is creating a low-cost way of spreading Internet access across communities. "FunkFeuer" which stands for "radio beacon" in German, uses everyday technology to create a wireless network, called a "mesh," that can transmit data from person to person, without involving companies or governments. 



We have a similar thing taking off in Italy, first Wi-Fi backbone has been established in Cerveteri, close to Rome, and is programmed to be extended to some of Rome city and then to other places in Italy.


We are organized as a cooperative, a bit different from the Funkfeuer people who, I believe, are a more loose association of hackers and tech lovers.


It is good to see this finally taking off. Connectivity around the edges of the internet is growing. 

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October 01 2013

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My cousin got hit by a truck.

He’s fine nothing broken but he has the sickest bruise ever!! Like holy shit you can see the outline of his muscles and bones on his chest?

This thing is awesome.
I told him he should get it tatted to always remember that he survived getting hit by a truck lol

That is strangely awesome.

September 23 2013

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September 20 2013

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Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston dressed as each other’s characters at a Breaking Bad cast party.

This is probably the best gif ever

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September 17 2013

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September 15 2013

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them limited edition print coming soon! (source)

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September 14 2013

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September 13 2013

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